Remove Tattoo By Self

Find Out How Much Does Tattoo Removal Hurt And Tips To Reduce Pain

It you want an unwanted tattoo erased then you should be ready to bear some pain because tattoo removal does hurt.

In fact both, getting a tattoo and removing it results in some pain. I'm sure now you must be wondering as to how much does tattoo removal hurt?

The actual removal method will determine the amount of pain you will have to bear.

Does Removal By Salabrasion Hurt?

Salabrasion is an effective method for removal of tattoos but is highly painful. For a very long time this was one of the methods used for removal.

This method is inexpensive and can even be done from home if you have a high pain tolerance threshold. Otherwise you may be left with a partially removed tattoo.

An abrasive device and salt is used to remove the layers of skin. Obviously when the abrasive device scrapes the skin it is going to hurt. Salt is not effective for reducing the pain.

Dermabrasion Pain

Dermabrasion is another method that is done under local anesthesia and therefore the pain is minimal when the removal is done.

After the procedure is completed the doctor will apply some ointment and therefore the pain is minimal for the next few days. It seems the pain can be easily managed with a cold compress or mild pain pills.

Does Excision Hurt?

In this method the skin with tattoo is cut and removed and therefore this procedure is performed with local anesthesia. This method can be painful and some bleeding can also happen.

Pain From Tattoo Removal Creams

One of the least painful ways for removal is the use of tattoo removal creams. However, these creams may not work for everyone. And it may not be easy to remove a large multicolored tattoo that easily with a cream.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Laser tattoo removal also hurts. The pain is similar to getting hot specks of grease or like snapping of thin rubber bad. Although the pain is for a small duration only but people with low pain tolerance may feel hurt.

The discomfort is caused due to breaking up of the ink pigment into small particles due to the light energy from the laser beam.

Removing tattoos located on areas with a lot of fat like the arms and buttocks may not be very painful.

However tattoos on places like the ankle, finger and other spots that are close to the bone with less fat is going to be more painful during removal with laser.

Depending on the size and the colors used in a tattoo many sessions may be required to completely remove a tattoo. This means that you will have to make up your mind to go through the tattoo removal pain 15 20 times or even more, if you have a bigger tattoo.

For removing different colors a laser of different wavelength may be used. This means the intensity of the laser may be different and therefore that pain level may also differ.

Simple Ways To Reduce The Tattoo Removal Hurt

Numbing Cream

Normally tattoo removal numbing cream is applied to the top layer of the skin before laser treatment. The cream will only reduce the pain slightly because the laser actually penetrates to the second layer of the skin where the ink is located.

However these topical numbing creams require some time to take effect. Normally the cream has to be applied at least 45 to 60 minutes before the laser exposure. This is why it is best to apply the cream at home before visiting the tattoo removal clinic.

Lidocaine Injection For Pain Reduction

Sometimes Lidocaine may be injected into the dermis or the layer that has the ink. This can reduce the pain considerably. However this may have side effect in the form of increased chances of scarring.

If you want Lidocaine injected you will have to discuss with the doctor in advance and pay extra for the same. For a large tattoo number of injections may be required and this may cause a little discomfort.


Knowing well that tattoo laser removal hurts, it makes sense to try a pill. To reduce the pain it is often recommended to take a non-asprin pill like Tylenol one hour before the laser treatment.

Ice Packs

Another simple method used to reduce laser tattoo removal pain is the use of ice pack. An ice pack may be applied to the tattoo 20 minutes before the start of the session. This reduces the heat reaching the nerve endings and therefore less pain is felt.

Sometimes the technician doing the laser pulsing may apply an ice pack in between the pulsing. This will help in maintaining a low temperature of the skin and therefore less of pain.

Cold Air Machine

Some of the tattoo removal clinics have air coolers that blow cold air to the specific area that is being treated with laser. The cold air reduces the heat generated and therefore less of discomfort is felt.

The cold air machine (also referred to as skin numbing machine) blows cold air before, during and after the laser treatment thus reducing the pain and making it easier for the patient.


The newest technology in the laser tattoo removal is the use of pico second laser instead of the traditional nano second laser. The benefit of this technology is that it generates less heat and therefore less pain and discomfort.

However this PicoSure laser technology is not widely available and therefore not many clinics have the machine with this technology. If you find a clinic in your area that has this new technology then you can surely take benefit of it.

However, a word of caution here - it is not recommended that you keep changing a tattoo removal provider just like that. If you have started with a particular clinic then get the whole job done from them rather than hopping clinics.

Utilize Trained And Certified Laser Technician

A trained and certified laser technician can also make a difference to how he uses the laser. A trained and experienced technician may remove a tattoo without causing a lot of pain.

An experienced technician may even know of laser wavelengths that generate least amount of heat and break the ink the most. So make sure to go to a clinic that has certified and well trained technicians.

The post laser treatment pain will be like a severe sun burn with some itching.

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