Remove Tattoo By Self

Does Tattoo Removal Cream Work To Erase Unwanted Tattoos?

Tattoo removal creams are being marketed by many companies because removing a tattoo using laser is expensive. You may have to spend thousands of dollars for getting rid of a tattoo using the laser method.

Tattoo removal creams may cost you a few hundred dollars if you use them for 6 to 10 months. With a cream you don’t have to visit a doctor and have appointment for multiple sessions.

But The Question That Many People Have Is – Do Tattoo Removal Creams Work?

By using a cream you may be able to lighten or fade a tattoo over time but may not be able to remove it completely.

A properly done tattoo sits deep inside the skin layers and is not shallow enough for the cream to remove it completely.

The tattoo removal cream will only be able to target the top layers of the skin and may not be able to penetrate deep enough.

Since the creams contain bleaching agents you may see slight fading of the tattoo and the skin in that particular area. Using the cream can cause some burning sensation or irritation.

According to some researchers these creams contain ingredients that reduce the production of melanin and this may help in lightening the skin rather than removing the tattoo ink.

What Are The Main Ingredients In Tattoo Removal Creams?

Before we take a look at some of the popular brands of creams it is important to understand the ingredients that are used in the creams.

Trichloracetic acid or TCA:

Trichloracetic acid is one of the ingredients used in some of the skin chemical peel products.

Trichloracetic acid works by burning of layers of skin and is often used by beauty therapist as a chemical peel. It seems repeated use of trichloracetic acid can help in burning of the skin layer that contains the tattoo.

According to many experts use of products with trichloracetic acid can cause skin scarring and blisters.

Many studies have shown that trichloracetic acid can cause skin cancer and therefore products containing this acid are banned in many countries including the United States.


Another ingredient that is used in skin bleaching products is Hydroquinone. This works by gradually fading the skin by reducing the production of melanin.

It seems Hydroquinone based products can cause skin cancer and certain other skin disease called exogenous ochronosis.

Over the counter sale of products with Hydroquinone is banned in countries like Australia, France, UK and United States.

Is There A Tattoo Removal Cream That Works?

If you look at some of the tattoo removal cream reviews on the internet you will find many that claim to remove the tattoo ink completely. However here are details of some creams that have been rated high by the manufacturers and end users.

Wrecking Balm

Wrecking Balm tattoo fade system uses a proprietary formula and claims that it can help you to remove unwanted tattoos in the comfort of your home without visiting a doctor. This system uses a 3 step process.

In the first step a handheld device is used to remove some of the upper skin layers.

In the second step a chemical serum is used to penetrate the skin layers and break the tattoo ink at the cellular level.

In the third step, the inked layer is pushed up to the surface by the skins natural regeneration process so that it can be exfoliated.

According to the manufacturer most tattoos fade within 2 to 3 months by using the wrecking balm.


The Profade tattoo removal system makes use of the 3 step process. All the 3 steps make use of separate creams.

The first cream is used to prepare the tattoo skin for treatment so that it is capable of taking the subsequent two steps.

The second cream is applied to break the ink particles deep inside the skin layers.

It seems when the user starts using the third cream the tattoos will start to disappear and finally get eliminated.

According to the manufacturer, the Profade system can successfully remove tattoos within 3 to 9 months.

Tattoo off

This is a product that claims to make use of natural ingredients like aloe leaf juice, rosemary leaf, eucalyptus globules, orange peel and sage leaf for making the product.

It seems when Tattoo off cream is applied to the skin according to the provided instructions, the tattoos will vanish completely over a period of time.

The manufacturer claims that the product is completely safe to use because only natural ingredients are used in this cream.


Dermasal is a product that uses a 3 step process for getting rid of tattoos. It seems this cream can remove tattoos of all colors and works with all skin types. This cream is not recommended for use on face and pubic area.

The dermasal system uses soothing agent, topical solution, and protectant gel in the 3 step process in order to fade the tattoos.

It seems the soothing agent prepares the skin for the treatment. The topical solution penetrates the skin layers and breaks the ink particles. The protectant gel then helps in the heading process.

According to the manufacturer, this system can help to fade tattoos in just 3 months.

Fade Away

Another popular tattoo removal system is Fade Away. It seems this product is best suited for erasing small tattoos.

There are three Fade Away products that will have to be used for erasing tattoos. These are the cleaner, the skin scrub and the fading cream.

It seems the Fade Away cream makes use of ingredients like avocado oil, almond extract, bearberry, ascorbic acid, and jojoba seed oil.

The mix of antioxidants and anti inflammatory ingredients helps in easy absorption by the skin. These ingredients also help in avoiding redness, irritation, pain and scarring.

Alternative Methods For Fading Tattoos

If you talk to a dermatologist you will hear that laser is the only proven way to erase tattoos.

However laser is expensive and will take multiple sessions to get good results. Each session could cost up to 500 dollars.

If you have many tattoos to remove then it can take you a lot of time and money to get the desired results with laser. Also remember that lighter shades of tattoos take much longer to fade with laser.

Did you know that people have been removing tattoos at home without laser and creams for many decades by using some simple herbs that are highly effective?

It seems these are herbs that help to break the ink from inside and then the immune system automatically helps in flushing out the ink and other toxins.

Once you know about these natural herbs, you'll be able to remove a tattoo naturally at home.